1. Responsible for regional sales management under the leadership of the general manager;Complete the sales return and work objectives assigned by the superior

2. Establish customer profile according to requirements and maintain good customer relationship

3. Detailed knowledge of the regional market, collected market dynamics and competitive products information, and reported to superior leaders in a timely manner

4. Planned and requested to visit customers and fill in the visiting form;Mining customer information for effective filtering;Communicate with customers to establish customer relationship;Follow up the target customer to complete the marketing task quota;And follow up in the execution of the contract

5. Put forward market sales, time arrangement and promotion plan in combination with company arrangement

6. Implement the sales policies stipulated by the company, and propose reasonable improvement Suggestions based on market feedback

Job specification:

1. More than 2 years relevant working experience, with industry sales experience preferred

2. Strong ambition, initiative, good communication ability and team spirit

3. Fluent presentation and good writing skills, with a certain level of communication and sales skills

4. Customer resource is preferred